Hang It!

Streamline your storage by hanging up to five Wrap Packs on the back of a door using the included over-the-door hooks. Your Wrap Pack’s coordinated wraps, tags and decorative paper ribbons will be ready when you need them and make you look like a gift-wrapping pro!



Wrap It!

Take your Wrap Pack off the door and place it on your wrapping surface. Open it to one of the five paper designs and use your gift box as you usually do to determine how much paper you need. Use the cutting guides on the back of each pattern for a perfect cut. The remainder of the cut sheet remains on the Wrap Pack. Rehang your Wrap Pack on the door!



Decorate It!

Select a coordinated paper ribbon and gift tag from the back sheet of your Wrap Pack to create designer impact and guilt-free green decorating. Fold each perforation twice to easily remove your choices. Cover wrapping paper seams and fold lines with the ribbon and tag and add other adornments of your choosing for wrapping perfection!



Recycle It!

Everything in your Wrap Pack is made from 30% post-consumer waste and printed in Portland, Oregon with earth friendly soy inks. Use the front cover as wrap and the back for package decoration so your Wrap Pack leaves no footprint.